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Rent A GPS Tracking System

Surveillance equipment GPS rental tracking system is available nationwide. Car GPS rental for short or long term surveillance. GPS software tracking system maps the vehicle location. GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) vehicle tracking device system used for monitoring the travel activities of company fleets and private vehicles. It displays the dates, stop locations, route the vehicle took, times and locations of starts and stops. Displays the speed and direction of the vehicle. Uses internal motion detection to shut off device when the car is stationary for battery conservation. Rental GPS device system software is battery operated and totally self contained. The GPS tracking device can be mounted using the magnet shown on top or by other methods desired. To find out where the vehicle has been, simply remove the unit from the vehicle and return it to us. 
We'll send you an email containing all the tracking results.   

To find out where the vehicle has been, simply remove the unit from the vehicle and return it to us.

Rental requires a $450.00 deposit that will be returned once you return the Tracking Device in good condition. 
Return of equipment can be via UPS, FedEx or in person at our office.

$149.00 Per Week Rental

  • Purchase Price: $599.00

Professional installation available upon request at our office: $199.00
For installation at other locations, travel time & expenses will apply.

The GPS antenna (the smaller part shown above) must be mounted with the curved side up as illustrated. The larger box with the magnet on top can be mounted in any location and position except next to the engine due to excessive heat or in areas where it might get wet.
The ideal location for the GPS antenna is under the dash board. It can be placed under the dash as long as the covering is not metallic. Another ideal location is behind the rear seat. If the vehicle window has a solid dark coating around the edge, do not place the GPS antenna behind the coating. The GPS signals will travel through glass, plastic, cardboard and fabrics but will be reduced if the window has a metallic coating applied. Standard plastic film tint is ok.

The GPS Tracking Device will work best if it has a clear view to the sky and as much of the horizon as possible. Any metal object between the antenna and the satellites will degrade the signal and reduce the overall performance.


Purchase Price: $1099.00

The Real-Time System Includes:  

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

  • Cellular Antenna

  • GPS Antenna

  • All Cables & Software Required



The primary difference between the real-time system and the unit shown above is this. The real-time unit allows you to get the vehicle location without returning the unit to our office. This unit is wired to the vehicles power supply and will remain active and available anytime you need information. 

Displays the dates, stop locations, route the vehicle took and the times. 
The speed and direction of the vehicle will also be included. 
We'll email you a map of the current location if you request it.  
GPS Tracking Device tells you where the vehicle is and where it's been.


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Protrak RF Scout covert GPS vehicle tracking device
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